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Relaxation, Beauty, Health and Education…

All in One. We understand total body wellness is more than just skin deep. Our philosophy is to
build health and well being from the inside out. From massage therapy, to Biofeedback, to esthetics
Sacred Space is truly your wellness place.

Every age and stage of life brings with it a unique set of changes for the body, mind and soul. That's why we offer you options for your level of comfort and desire for personal renewal. Explore ways to relieve, renew and grow now.

At Sacred Space we offer many types of wellness options, from - Massage Therapy, Quantum Biofeedback, Beautiful Image Facial & Body Sculpting, Hypnotherapy, and more!

Please take a look through our website and explore the opportunities that Sacred Space has available to you!

OUR FACILITY HAS MOVED to Val Vista Rd & Southern!  
Click here for our new address and a location map!