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We at Sacred Space a Wellness Place focus on providing a wide range of wellness therapies to help you begin or continue your quest for wellness! And we are very excited to give you more information about each of these! Please click on the links below for more detailed information on each of these.

Karen Billinger owner and founder of Sacred Space, offers personal sessions, for the following wellness therapies:

Massage - offers a relaxing way to reduce stress, manage muscle aches or relieve chronic back pain, just for starters.

Quantum Biofeedback - helps to balance your body through use of an advanced Quantum Biofeedback device. This is truly an innovative and exciting therapy.

Beautiful Image Facial & Body Sculpting - who says you have to look older!
Age defying beauty that’s safe and affordable!

Hypnotherapy - many of the decisions we make are unconsciously based. Hypnosis can help you break through the barriers of unconscious mind and help yourself in areas such as: eliminating fears, stopping smoking, weight loss, decreasing stress, gaining confidence, plus much more.

Combination Package Therapies - each wellness therapy when used by itself has it’s own specific benefits. But you may want to consider trying a “Package of multiple therapies” which can help you reach your wellness goals even more quickly and/or completely!