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Massage, Hypnotherapy®, and Biofeedback®
Therapeutic Body Massage - 90 minutes $90/ 60 minutes $70/ 30 minutes $50
Reduce stress and assist in detoxifying the deep tissues to promote harmony of all the major systems of the body. A customized massage designed especially for your needs combining various techniques including acupressure, myo-fascial release, Swedish, reflexology, craniosacral therapy, Reiki and Cerebrospinal fluid massage.
Prenatal Massage - 60 minutes $70
Designed especially for the mother-to-be utilizing special techniques to help prevent swelling of the hands and feet. Helps relieve the demands placed on the mother's body during this time of change.
Lymphatic Drainage Massage - 60 minutes $70
A specialized massage to support the immune system and aid in the release of toxins.
Reiki - 60 minutes $70
An ancient Japanese touch therapy inducing a deeply relaxed state that allows the body to balance and stabilize the energy patterns.

Hypnotherapy (also known as guided imagery)
Initial Visit - $95 (up to 90 minutes)
$70 for follow-up session on the same topic (up to 1 hour)
Hypnosis is a deeply relaxed state of mind speaking to the subconscious mind helping you remove the blocks that are preventing you from achieving your goal.

Reflective Harmonies - 90 minutes $95/ 60 minutes $75/ 30 minutes $55
This treatment combines massage with guided imagery to help bring the body, mind and spirit connection into harmony.

Biofeedback 60 minutes - $100/ 90 minutes $140
(Also available in multiple session packages for a discount. Call for more details.)

Biofeedback consists of a non-invasive, body scan to test over 9,000 items/functions of the body, identifying where the body may be out of balance. Biofeedback then helps neutralize the stressors that contributed to the imbalance, bringing body, mind and spirit into harmony.

Biofeedback may be added to any massage or body treatment for an additional $40. (not available for 30 minute therapies or prenatal).

Beautiful Image® (microcurrent facial & body sculpting)
   rosacea and acne (only) $65 per session
   1 session $125
   5 sessions $500
   10 sessions $975
   15 sessions $1400
Legs & Buttocks  
   1 session $150
   5 sessions $700
   10 sessions $1350
Stomach & Arms  
   1 session $130
   5 sessions $600
   10 sessions $1125