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Meet Our Owner -

Karen Billinger - LMT, CHT (owner and founder of Sacred Space)

Massage Therapist
    (professionally certified and licensed in the state of AZ)
Quantum Biofeedback Specialist

     (through Natural Therapies Certification Board),

Certified Hypnotherapist
(through American Bord of Hynotherapy),
Certified Hypnobirthing Instructor
     (through the Hypnobirthing Institute),

Beautiful Image practitioner,

About me:

Please view the "Our Philosophy" page for more specific information about Karen.

This Month's Highlighted Service:

Reflective Harmonies
This service combines traditional massage techniques with guided imagery to help bring the body, mind, spirit connection into harmony. 

It helps move you into a deeper state of relaxation quicker and helps soothe those aching muscles on a deeper level than massage alone. 

You are guided through a relaxation technique using deep breathing, images of places in nature and focusing on troubled areas, learning to release the tension in these spots.

Karen Billinger

Contact info: To make an appointment
call me directly:  (602) 570-6304

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